Monday, February 11, 2013

Tosh.O - Harlem Shake - Fire Fighter Style !!!

This is an AWESOME Video ! It's not only Funny, But I have friend's who know these very amusing Fire Fighters and for that alone I need to post it.. BUT I am also posting this video because I find it very amusing, I have watched this a few times... and I decided that I needed to share it with everyone else. PLEASE Share this video --- Let's bring these very amusing fire fighters to the top with this video
Monday, January 21, 2013

Follow Me Over at Kurly Kreations

I have a brand spanken new website, Called "Kurly Kreations" I create beautiful hair bows and clips. My Bows are not just any hair bow.. they are made with LOVE! Check them out, let me know you stopped by .. I would love to have you :)

Are you a Facebook Fan ?

I know there are ton's of Blog Hops, and Yahoo groups ( then again are there still Yahoo groups ) ... though the new thing is NOW Facebook groups. BUT is there any Blog groups on Facebook ? I have no clue, nor am I able to locate one.. because it seems you need to know the name of the group in order to find it .. is that true ? (for me it was ) Well anyways, either way I decided to make a group amoung all those crazy sales groups you find on FB ( yes I belong to them too ) and made a " I Love Blogging" group. Though I need 25 LIKES in order to have an "Official" page name. So I am asking many dedicated bloggers who come to visit my page, to please visit FB ( If you are a fan of them ) and LIKE my Group page - Let me know you stopped by too :) Thank You

You would think she was a Raccoon

Its 2:30p and I have a 12 year old who is still sleeping, since last night. NOPE.. HA If only it was since last night! I have recently learned that my beloved 12 year old has nothing wrong with her BUT a different pattern of sleep then the rest of the family in this house. (LOL) It's not as funny though as I would like it to be, because what about school. Her sleep pattern that she has so nicely chosen has messed her up. She can't get up during the day as much as I yell and scream, You would think with my big annoying mouth that she would finally get up. NOPE not my child. She rather yell at me to "be quiet" and then turns back around to go to sleep. Oh wait is that her mouth I hear now ? Oh she is awake as we speak. My my, just told me that I should not be telling her to get up when she has no school.. HELLO MISSY DO YOU REALIZE WHAT TIME IT IS ? (boy oh boy.. or should I say girl oh girl) Pre-Teens now a days... Can't wait till she is in high school.. Oh YES I CAN! lol

Super Amusing "I'm Sure You don't like Narcs"

I came across this very amusing blog. Why I say it's amusing is because not only am I am EMT and can relate, dating someone who is a medic just makes it even more understandable. I wanted to share this with everyone who is interested in not only my blog, but who just may be interested in this persons sense of humor.. because god knows I am! LOL
Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tips to being married to a Paramedic ...

I was scrolling through FB and I came across this awesome article that was shared on another EMS FB page and I thought, WOW this must be written just for me. DATING ( no I am not married, but being with him for almost 4 years makes me feel like I am married to him ) a Paramedic myself I felt compelled to read it. It's funny how she mentioned herself that she was Paramedic before she became a Stay At Home Mom. I myself am not a Paramedic but an EMT And I can relate a little. Granted my BF does this for a living, I did it for fun! (FUN?.. that just does not even sound Well anyways, I wanted to share this on my blog and in hopes that maybe those who are married or dating or even curious about what life is like being with a Paramedic would love to read this! I give her props !!! READ: TIPS TO BEING MARRIED TO A PARAMEDIC
Thursday, January 17, 2013

Walking into my Installation Dinner a new Lady

Next month is our Installation dinner for the ambulance. I am kind of looking forward to going because finally I won't be looking at dresses with a though of "why bother" in my mind every time I look at a dress. They were so beautiful on the rack, but what makes me think they are going to look just as beautiful on me! Sure I would try them on, But all it did was discourage me because to me I was FAT! I weighed over 236lbs to me that was FAT.. we all know it was.. Society thought the same thing. So finally have a journey of hell... feeling gross, feeling like I can't walk, my thighs rubbing together, My stomach hurting after I put food into my mouth, so much.. that I needed to get rid of this weight.. and guess what.. In a matter of 7 months I DID !! I lost over 58lbs .... can you say HEEEELLLSSS YEAH!!!??? I feel damn good. I drop 3 sizes in jeans... 3 sizes in dresses and this time around I get to try on dresses KNOWING that if they don't look good on me.. that is OK.. because its the DRESS ..and NOT ME :) I can't wait. I will be going in a couple of weeks so as soon as I do.. I will be taking many pics of my little journey on trying on dresses after dropping all that weight :) and might I add, if you are interested in asking me how I lost all my weight in such a short period of time... Please ask because I lost sharing that part too. When I mean lost weight in a short period.. I mean i lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks.... and I have NOT gained a lb of it back since.... and I started it in August.