Saturday, April 9, 2011

Texting Or Not ?

Re-Written: *April 10, 20111*

My Night on the Ambulance 

I felt I needed to re-write this blog because I feel as I just maybe put too much information on this particular blog that I should not have put down. I do not want to hurt anyone ( nor am I aware if I did or not, I am sure I didn't) though I do want to share my experiences with hopes that it may help others in the long run.

Last night about a half an hour before our shift was over as we are leaving 7-11 we hear a ton going out telling us there is an MVA overturned vechicle with one injury. My heart was pounding, you never know as an EMT what you are going to come up too. You rely on what is given to you by dispatch which in return is what they are given by the person who called in the accident.

When I arrived this vehicle was flipped on his hood and tittering over a ditch ... I honest thought at that time something serious was going to come out of it. I was about ready to put aviation on stand by till the cops walked the patient to our ambulance. I was in shock along with my partners... THANK GOD .. I said to my self ! This patient was fine, he had not a mark on them.  The patient stated he was avoiding another vehicle while driving down the road ... Not positive if that is the case or not. But whatever it may have been that patient is sure lucky to be alive. The patient refused medical treatment ( RMA ) we checked the patients vital signs and had him sign a form and off he went.

As an EMT sometimes your heart drops, you never know what you are going to come up too. You rarely even know the condition of the patient till you get there. We had no clue what was going to happen, how this patient was going to be, if this patient was going to be alive or dead .. if he is seriously injured or not injured at all ( like this call ). And so we have to prepare our selves for the worst and just handle it as it comes!

I had to also unfortunate remove the pictures, not sure if I should be posting them or not .. there are no faces, nor personal information but at the same time you never know what could be seen on the net and I rather avoid further issues. ((I hope you all can understand that)) Unless I get permission or other wise I will no longer post certain photos.


Small Kucing said...

It's very common over my side of the country. Text or using handset while driving. Traffic Police tried to catch as many as they can but people still ignore it. Some wont even wear seat belt

Lexie Lane said...

oh my gosh! oh my gosh! This is why I couldn't get into the medical industry. The people who are and can be in it are so wonderful.
Anyway, I'm glad you took down the pictures, because I don't think I can handle to look at something like that!
Wow Kirsten, I really admire what you can do and handle every day.

Lexie Lane

Kirsten said...

Well they were just photo's of the car ( No Lic Plates or anything was visible ) But I just figured it would be better off that way to avoid issues you know!
But Yes it's not easy at times.. even the strongest of us can become very weak.
Thank you -

Ramona said...

thanks for sharing and totally understand that you legally might want to avoid posting pics!

new follower ramona from

Kirsten said...

Ramona - Thank you for reading ;)
I am going over to visit your blog now !

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