Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a weekend!

It's amazing how even though you sleep through the night you feel as if you had not sleep at all, and all your days seem to be one big day! This weekend was crazy ( seriously ) ! I had to work this weekend ( I work two days a week, it just so happen this was my weekend to work ) and I had the ambulance as well.

My weekend started 5:30am on Saturday. I had to get up and be at work at 7am. ( I work in a hospital about 25  minutes away ) the day was not that bad, But it was work.. I do not know what person truly wants to get up at 5:30 in the morning on a Sat and WANT to be at work. ( if you do .. may all the power be with you .. lol ) I then got home around 3:30 though I STILL had to take my son to his fathers who is another 30 minutes away, so I get him into the car and run him to his dad's. ( He is 12 ) dropped him off and then back home I went.. finally it was about 4:40 and I laid down for a bit because I had to be at the ambulance by 6pm. I also had to drop Amit's car off to my daughter so she can drive her self home from work ( god help us.. this was the first time we allowed her to drive a car by her self since she had gotten her licenses about 3 weeks ago ).

Our night at the ambulance was insane.. It did not stop. We have a 6 hour tour ( means we commit our selves to 6 hours straight to the ambulance and so we stay at the barn (ambulance) for those 6 hours with our own crew ) just when we were about ready to do our Rig check (every crew/shift makes sure the ambulance is stocked and ready to roll if and when we have a call ) and a call is toned out at 6:30 ..that was IT.. we did not stop till 11:45pm .. we did not eat dinner, I was cranky and very tired. We had some stressful calls, it was nothing easy at all. If it was not the health of the patient it was the family who do not understand laws and regulations. ( LOL ) (but you know they are worried and scared them selves )

After that long night it felt good to come home to my bed already for me to crawl right into it with a beautiful little note from 10 year old daughter "because I love you" and she also left me the remote to the TV because I am always looking for it when I get home from the Ambulance at 12am and I hate it. LOL

I then of course had to get up again at 5:30 and do it all over again, Just one difference is I was able to take a nice nap and relax.

Now what does tomorrow have in store for me ?


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