Thursday, April 14, 2011

Your daughter has passed away .........................................

My daughter's high school is having a MOC DWI next month, it's a big thing that is going to happen. Our ambulance corp is very involved as well as the Police Department and another Ambulance corp as well as the fire department.
Jordan ( my dear daughter who is 17 ) is president of her SADD club. ( Students against drunk driving ) and they are the ones who run the MOC DWI. Originally she was going to play the dead passenger and her boyfriend is going to be the driver and of course a few other kids will be involved. Then she realized that I was going to be participating in the program as an EMT with my corp. so she decided to not do it. NOW .. seeing that I will not be participating as an EMT because the list went up and down in a matter of a day ( it's a very popular program and everyone in the corp likes to get involved .. and I sure do not blame them, there was no more room and I would have been on a waiting list. ). She was not too happy to hear .. so she comes home today and asks me if I want to participate as the parent of a dead child .. ( meaning, my dear daughter decided to play one of the dead teenagers because apparently there are two .. gee lucky me ) and so guess who is playing the parent ... ME !! ( UGH !! ) I am not sure how I am going to be able to handle this. My god it just gives me chills even thinking about my daughter being killed in an MVA never the less a MOC DWI MVA ( Driving while intoxicated, MVA - Motor vehicle Accident )  I am so nervous. This is all going to happen on May 13th *(which is also Amit's bday). I am going early to set up and wash the ambulances and all but when it is time for them to "call me" and tell me my daughter has been killed and to come to the hospital ... that I can not promise I will be able to NOT cry! I spoke to one of my friends/member of the ambulance who is in fact the one putting it all together and he said the point is to use the REAL mom's/parents to get involved because then its more real! After they get her out of the car, transport one patient via ambulance, another via aviation ( that would be Jordan ) and the driver ( her actually boyfriend ) will be arrested, they are then going to bring my daughter ( one of the dead ) on to the stage and "working" on her as if she was seriously injured and then dead. they are going to do CPR ( of course fake ) and other stuff .. while calling me and having me come to the "hospital" and be by her side :( (OMG just writing this is bringing tears to my eyes ) This is going to be one emotional day for me! What do you all think ? You think you can do it ? 

I will be taking Pictures of the MOC DWI and I will be sure to post them here. It's to teach our children the consequences that  may happen  if you do Drink and Drive! And I hope that all your wonderful mom's let your teenagers read my post that night and allow them to see the pictures that will be posted. It just may hit them home and scare them straight!


Columba Lisa Smith said...

That does sound rather grueling! But it will be a fantastic lesson for the kids involved, and could easily save a life. Good for you! And have a wonderful Easter!

Kirsten said...

Yes Lisa it is ... But it has to be done .. it is to wake the kids up! Thank you .. Hope you have a wonderful Easter as well !

Christin said...

I remember having a MOC drill like this in highschool and it will really send a message to those kids, I know it did for me! Following now from Love you blog!

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