Friday, May 20, 2011


OMG do you know how long I have waited for my blog "address" to be corrected .. I thought I had done something wrong .. finally it was corrected..after many many posts on google help group, then found some kind of "ticket" and got the help I needed... YES!!! 

Well it's 10pm on Friday night, and the kids are just in bed. My oldest is out with her friend spending the night ( she is 17 ). Amit is still at work ( the Price you pay for being a Paramedic ) and I am laying in bed watching Judge Judy and typing away here on my computer ;) AWWW this is called RELAXATION and I LOVE IT !! 
So tell me .. what does everyone thing about this whole "world is coming to an end" deal ?? So this guy states this will happen at 6pm tomorrow evening. What I would like to know is .. is he talking about Central Time, Eastern, Standard, Pacific, Could it be Indian Standard time (Tha'ts called being late all the time.. LOL .. those who do not know .. I can say that .. My boyfriend is Indian ) ... Which country are we going to be in ... Is it India, America, Australia, .. ect ?? Boy oh Boy .. those who believe in this are going to have one rude awakening when this does NOT HAPPEN! Only God can tell when we are all going .. and I am sure its not tomorrow !!! Plus it can't be .. I have so much I still need to do with my life. My 17 year old will be graduating High School this June, she has her prom next month. My two younger children still need to get through their life as well .. PLUS shoot.. I am heading to Conn tomorrow with Amit .. I know damn well "they" better let me do that first! LOL Sooo needless to say ... it happens it happens.. but I sure the hell know its NOT going to happen any time soon!!!

OK well I am off now to go buy some water bottles, batteries for a radio I do not have, (LOL) .. some canned food ... Bye! ( LOL he he he )


Small Kucing said...

Great! Just in time for a relaxing weekend. Sometimes Blogspot can been very stressful

Steph said...

woo hoo on the blog working again.. it's so frustrating, isn't it???
Have a great weekend and enjoy Conn with your love. :)

dreamachine said...

Great blog. Following from of Mice and Ramen blog hop! Hope you can follow back!

Onesie Mommy said...

Following you from Hopper Strategized.

Apparently, the world did not come to an end. Unless, I'm following you from heaven but this fatigue I'm feeling from blogging feels real!

Have a great week.

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