Sunday, May 15, 2011

Long Weekend

Greetings Everyone !! I had a loooong weekend. Not only did I have the Moc DWI on Friday, Sat I had to work all day, then I had the ambulance where we had 4 calls .... one was in the Jail .. Oh gosh .. I have NEVER been in jail before .. ( LOL ) We all had to meet at the gate ( two EMS providers where driving the first responders ) and then we had to all climb into the back of the ambulance, which needless to say is not that big ... So 5 of us in the back .. Plus a stretcher and all the equipment, you can say we were just a tad tight !! LOL We then had to go through a few gates ( scaaarrrry ) and then walk through the jail ... each time you walked through a gate another gated closed .. it was just like the movies... ( yikes ) then to leave we had to go through it all over again .. though this time we not only had our 5 .. we now had a patient (inmate )and a sheriff... ( shaking my head ). The Jail is normally not our district .. BUT we had to cover another town so this is why we ended up going. Amit was the lucky one that got to stay back at the barn.. seeing that this was another town's call for one and they had a paramedic on the scene and for two ..if we had another call... we at least have him to go ! I have to say even though it was a little scary .. it was a good experience..which never makes riding for an ambulance a dull moment! lol

Well anyways, I did not get home till after Midnight, then I had to get up at 5:30am for work.. I worked all day and when I got home at 4, I passed out for a bit. Tonight I will be going out with some friends from the ambulance for Amit's birthday (Which was Friday) We are going to Apple Bee's for some drinks and food .. Yummmy Food ! :)

Alright .. I have to run... maybe check out some blogs then get ready to go out ... I will be back later on tonight or tomorrow :)


Five Foot Mama said...

That would be creepy going into the jail!!! Hope all your patients were ok!

Jennifer Vanzant said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the sweet comment:-) sounds like you had a crazy weekend!! The doctor hasn't told me a due date but I'm thinking mid January!! Yay!! Have a good week girl!

Rachel Joy said...

You are very brave...what happened to the inmate? If I may ask...unless there's some kind of EMT confidentiality then nevermind =)

Becky Jane said...

Apple Bees? YUMMY! Your jail ride sounds interesting...I just watched an old Sidney Portier movie where he did something similar and then they came to hunt him
Happy Birthday to Amit.

Gifts By Katherine said...

Wow, more info please.... I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs!

Powers Family said...

Great blog! Following you back! Good luck on the IVF and keep us updated!

Mommy LaDy Club

Steph said...

hope you are getting some rest after a long weekend!!!

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