Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Low Magnesium????

I went to the Doctor today, after month's of waiting to go back ( I am good with re-scheduling my appointments a few times..LOL )..... Now before I go any further with this blog I guess I really should give you a bit of history and how I got involved with a Doctor in the first place. Now this is not just any ordinary Doctor he is a specialist. (Neurological ) and this is why ......  Once upon a time on a cold winter day (he he he..always wanted to start a story like that ) any ways .. back to being serious. A few months ago ... I was just getting in my car to go to work .. it was about 6:30am. I got in my car just like everyday and all of a sudden I started feeling very weird. I became very disoriented, confused, I started crying, I had no clue what was going on. I apparently called my boyfriend to tell him I did not feel well, not before I tried to text him. My youngest called me as per her and my phone history (7 times). I only spoke to her once.. though I do not remember even that. She stated I was crying though she thought that maybe I was fighting with Amit on the phone. Now keep in mind this is all starting to unfold while I am in my car still in my front yard. ( My youngest was looking out the window and like I said she did not think any of it ) Amit said I informed him of how I was feeling and that I was going to call my mom ( WEIRD .. Why would I call and wake up my mom at 630am ) though I did not call my mom .. I apparently thought it would be a good idea to DRIVE to my moms house, which is about 10 minutes if that away. Though I recall thinking that I would attempt to go to work because maybe I will be fine (My job is 30 minutes away ) I remember driving to my moms ( but we think time laps a little from the time I hung up with Amit and the time I got to my moms house ). Once I got to my moms house, I could not get out of the car... I just could not move and I was still very confused, the lights and everything were blurry to me. I called my mom ( now keep in mind .. I do not remember most of this .. I am going off of my mom, Amit and My daughter's story as well as very little of my own memory. Once I called my mom and woke her up, I was crying and trying to explain to her that I could not drive. She was not sure what was going on, she told me to come to the door... though I could not get out of the car. Finally I got out, but I could not walk.. she said I was walking like I was some toddler trying to walk .. my gate (walking) was very wobbly and odd. (Just like a toddler learning to walk ) when I got into her house, I started throwing up. Was more confused could not understand much of what she was saying and I was very slow at responding. She called the ambulance (weird because I am the one that is suppose to respond to these calls... not them responding to me, and who ever knows me knows I HATE going into an ambulance, I hate making an issues out of my health .. BUT this time I guess I just did not care) So needless to say friends of mine were here to stay ( he he .. it just sounded really good .. but you all know what I meant ) My mom being a RN for 30 years thought I possibly could of had a stroke... I was extremely weak once this all happen .. and once my memory started coming back and understanding a little more of what was going on ... I still could not move, because I was so tired. Weak, and i still took some time to respond to anyone, I could not really speak. (this took a couple of hours to recover) Well they discharged me from the hospital after hours of being there. I slowly started to recover to where I was able to walk on my own and off I went as if nothing happen. ( WEIRD ) Well a week later it happen again, this time while I was at work.. Not only do I get scared and upset .. my body freezes.. My arms flair out and they do not move .. its like they are frozen ... then I start throwing up again. This time my BP was 99 / 200 (something like that) the nursing supervisor called my mom ( I work in the same hospital my mom does ) and they rushed me down to the ER and I was then admitted. 
So now that you have a history you can see why everyone ( in my life ) is worried and we are all very confused on why this happen to me. I had an EEG .. that came back negative. I had a CT, MRI and a MRA .. all negative. WTH .. I was suppose to follow up with the Neru dr months ago, though finally today I keep my apt and went. 
So here we go ....... I have low magnesium.. now on pills for that. (took my first Slow Mag this evening and almost choked.. LOL) He also referred me to a cardiologist (afraid it may be something with my heart ) and I am now going to have a 24 hour EEG .. and boy let me tell you once they hook up those colorful wires to my head and I go home.. I will NOT be leaving the house for 24 hours. LOL ( hellllzzz NO .. or should I say like the teenagers.. Heelllz TO the NO ) 
Man sometimes things  just never go easy for me.... there is always some kind of obstacle .. and the messed up part about it is .. I asked the Dr. if this could just have been a fluke... he said it could ( not too convincing when he said it ) though because it happen and was lasting too long that was not good. (shaking my head.. Only me ) 
Well we will see... I took my first pill tonight... see if he helps me any once he kicks into my system then we will see what the EEG is .. and the Cardio ... I just want it all over with. Its scary to know that something so weird like that happen, though we have nothing behind it.

....... So I will keep you all updated and to let you all know if I have a brain or not after my EEG is done!! he he he .. Good Night!


Christin said...

Kirsten, you are in my prays and I wish you all the best. I can't even image what all this has been like for you and your family. I know it's taking a toll on you. But just know that I am thinking about you and will be waiting to hear what is concluded from the 24 hr EEG.

Melanie said...

That is scary! I am glad you are getting it looked into. Be sure to let all of us know what you hear. Prayers for you!

Small Kucing said...

hope everything turns out okay


Becky Jane said...

What a scary thing to happen to you. Make sue and keep us informed...
Thanks for being a voiceBoks friend!
Becky Jane

Kirsten said...

HI Everyone ! Thank you so much! The good thing is this has not happen since .. I think March was when it happen .. I can not even remember. But to be honest I keep putting off my follow up apt. I would always have to reschedule for one reason or another. I will be fine. I can not imagine it being anything to serious .. maybe its just low mag. (We will see) HUGS to you all !!!

By the way sorry it took me so long to respond back.. as some of you may have learn I could not get into my blogger account.. grrr! LOL

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