Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Day

I had a wonderful but very tiring mother's day ! Amit and the kids took me to the Bronx Zoo ( about 2 hours away ) .. I get so nervous when driving in the City so I am thankful Amit did the driving, he is crazy .. he loves that kind of thing! He does it all the time being a Medic in the city ! 

Before we went to the Bronx Zoo we wanted to get lunch outside the park ( too pricey in the park ) .. I wanted Sonic .. so we were going to go try the new Sonic that is about an hour away from my house, but that was NOT a good idea.. that place was busy.. the cars were down the road .. (Crazy) So that was not an idea .. We then decided McDonalds it is ! LOL After our delighful yet ... a big time fattening lunch ( which I Truly love ) we headed to the Zoo. 

We got to see Lions, and Tigers ..... and... No Bears! Or did I ? Oh I can't remember .. we saw so many animals it was nuts .. it was like I was in a Zoo .. LMAO .. oh wait I WAS in a zoo.. silly me !!! 

Here is a Pic that Amit took of a Polar Bear ..isn't he cuuuute ! :) I think Amit did a wonderful job taking the pic too ... with a CELL PHONE no less ;) lol  

Jordan who is my 17 year old ( she will be 18 in October ) LOVES tigers ... I do not know what her obsession of Tigers are .. so I had to make sure she was able to see the Tigers... and she did that is for sure!!!

Here is the Tiger that Jordan got to see, In fact she is the one who took the Pic. She was in AWWW with the tiger. She could have sat there forever watching him ... the Tiger could not stay still either.. he keep walking all over the place .. ;) Amit and I did not have the heart to tell her to "let's go" so we can continue walking around so we sat there and watched her. LOL 

 ..... and after out long day at the Zoo, Amit took me and the Kids to Mason Ole .. yummy Mexican food !!!! I was so tired by the time I got home ... I just wanted to go right to sleep. Though after I put the kids to bed ( and they feel asleep right away ) Amit and I laid on the couch and we watch Indian Music Video's which are romantic and peaceful ;)


mrsmomx6 said...

You went out for mama's day?! Whatta trouper. I stayed home and slept until 10am. I loved it!

Sharon from voiceboks :)

Kirsten said...

Yes I did .. and I loved it. I normally stay home but this time I wanted to go out ;)

Rachel Joy said...

what a great way to end Mother's Day!

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