Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reviewing Products ?

I noticed there are plenty of people out in the blogging world that Review products. I was interested in joining this intriguing journey though I am not sure how to go about starting this paticular "business". If anyone is aware of how to go about reviewing I would be greatly appreciated if you would let me know the secrets. 

~Thank You~


Shelby said...

New GFC follower from voiceboks hop. Would love a follow back to my blog-thanks.


pamela r said...

I've got a few items to review through-

these sites I've done for reviews, some give extra items and then I can host a give away on my blog----I've yet to have a company directly contact me for a review & giveaway as other---most companies are probley looking for blogs with more followers them I have at theis time....=)

also yes if you could resend the full link for the blog hop info that would be super!

Five Foot Mama said...

I've wondered about this same thing. I'm sure I don't have anywhere near enough followers to do this yet, but maybe? Thanks for the info pamela r!

This is such a great idea for a blog! My husband is taking EMT classes right now and he'll be reading it, too.

Following you from VB hop.


Love You Always & Forever said...

When I started reviewing products I had MAYBE 30 followers! LOL! My first stop was Etsy! I literally took a night, wrote up a pitch letter and then looked for shops I liked on etsy and wrote to them! Out of the 50 or so I wrote to I got MAYBE 5 yeses, but it helped build my following and show that I could do good reviews! Another way is to start just reviewing products you love that you have bought yourself or won! Companies see these things and I have gotten a few companies that have contacted me because of a review I wrote on something I already owned and offered a giveaway item as well! Also check out http://pitchit.ning.com/
I have found this to be a priceless resource. People list where they get their reviews from and the contact info. Another thing I have started to do is when I go and enter a giveaway, if I like the item I will write the company and see about doing a review/giveaway on my blog. Worse they will say is no, or not right now. Good luck! BTW I am a new follower!

One more thing, if you are going to do reviews/giveaways I suggest turning off your captchia...a lot of people won't enter when that is turned on a blog

life...just saying said...

I'm glad you asked that question. Got a little info! I'm a new follower!

Kirsten said...

How wonderful with all your great ideas... I will take off the the captchia if I can figure it out ... LOL Thank you all for following me as well ;)

Steph said...

Great question. Great ideas and suggestions! I follow so many blogs with thousands of followers and wonder if I will get there one day. :). One step at a time. I agree with "love you always and forever" when she suggested just reviewing what you already have. It's good practice. Then contact the company directly. I've received a few responses that way. I'm looking forward to my first giveaway. But I'm working on my GFC first! :). Good luck to you!

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