Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday Night From Hell

OMG between Sat and Yesterday I have so much I want to blog, but I do not want to do it in one post plus with things going on right now it would be too much to type! So instead I just would like to blog about my Saturday night 6 hour tour (volunteering for the ambulance for 6 hours straight every Saturday ). right now.

What a night that was .... it seem as if there must have been a full moon out because there was not ONE normal call... except for a very nice young lady who was in a MVA ( She is fine though ... just a Wrist injury )  She is honestly a sweetheart and for the ILLEGAL'S to run because they are ILLEGAL AFTER they made an illegal turn and plowed right into her ... REAL NICE JOB GUYS .. that is why you got caught !!!!!! ( I have NO Patients for those that feel they need to flee a scene.. the worst that would have happen to them is they would have for one gotten a ticket, and for two if the young lady is lucky they had or someone who own the car had car insurance and so her car would get paid for )

Our other three calls ... Oh My !!! One was a psychic call ... (sad) ... another was an intoxicated lady in the wrong"home" ... (Interesting) and the other one ( our 2nd to first call ) was a wonderful (HUH!!!) not so nice man who is also a FIREMAN (chief no less ) felt the need to protect his friend who is an EX-Chief (though I think he stills runs calls ) from having to go to the hospital because the was having seizures (someone called it in ) spite the fact that YES this person has them all the time.... someone called in the call and in our county (NOT sure what it is by you all ) once a call goes through and we are AT the scene .. there is no turning back!! We are there and we need to be treated as so.  We where asked by the Chief to make this call and "Un-founded" call ( Mean = Just put down on our paper work that the patient was not found -- so there was no patient at all that WE can see ) We are NOT going to what's so ever make a call un-founded if there IS a Patient .. We are NOT going to be in the front of a News paper because others feel they have the right to jeopardize not only OUR reputation and licenses ... or the patients health because he feels its best. It was all just a complete mess with no so personal people!!

All I ask and I am sure plenty of other EMS providers ask is if an ambulance is called .. Respect that they are their to help .. not cause issues, not give others a hard time or cause further emotional or physical injury to anyone ... to allow us to do what we need to do .. If you do not have a Certification or EVEN IF YOU DID ... allow us to do our job .. Please !! (Thank You)

So that was it .. I do not want to get too personal in my blogs when it comes to calls so I try to share my life as an EMT with you all with out having to publish private information.


Kathy said...

Sounds like a crazy weekend! It must be so hard to not get burnt out, especially when you have crazy nights. Thanks for visiting me! I just joined VB today so I'm looking foward to meeting some great ladies, thanks for being the first great lady to welcome me!

shannon said...

I have a scanner and sometimes the service people around my town never get a break one call after another. I can not wait to read more. I find it so interesting.

shannon said...

That is a scary thought only having one crew. However I do not know what happens behind the scenes in my town. I listen more on fridays and they sure seem buy.

Do you have a facebook fan page?

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