Thursday, June 16, 2011

Now What !! ???

OK so all my test's from the Doctors came back negative! GREAT right.. well you would think! Not me.. I WANT something wrong at this point. Sound weird.. But its' really the truth. I have been dealing with all this for so long now that I just want it all to end.. and if someone can just find something wrong with me that they can treat .. I would be more then happy to have something wrong.

Well starting Monday I am going to start my Body By Vi diet .. it's a shake diet ... you drink two shakes a day and it has minerals and vitamins and all .. My friend is the distributor of it and she lost a lot of weight already ... she has only been doing it for a month now. It's called the 90 day challenge. If you are interested in it or just learning about it .. look on my right side of my blog and you will see where it says " join me in the 90 day challenge" I normally would not do something like that, really don't believe in all that hype .. But after seeing Kim and what she is doing I had to try it out. Though with everything that was going on I wanted to make sure I was OK before I started it ... And seeing that they still have no figured out what is wrong with me .. I decided screw it I am going to do it. I spent money on it .. and its sitting in my face and it sounded like something I can handle.. then I am going to do it!! I could lose weight any ways. Then Lexie from voiceboks suggested I try yoga... that just may be another option. I would love to learn how to relax .. I just do not know how too!!!

You know my life is not always easy .. then again who the hell's life is right ?? If you can find me someones life who is easy and has no stress I will pay you ! (Though I won't say how much, because with my luck you will bring me someone.. then what ?? !!! lol ) How about I would be greatly indited to you! (Sure that sounds better ) lol 

Alright .. I am going to hunt for more blogger templates ... god I need to change this page!!! Oh and YES I am back to riding on the ambulance again.. I was FINALLY cleared !!! YIIPPPIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


Janie {Hoo} said...

I'm glad all your tests came back normal (even if you'd rather have it otherwise). I agree, Yoga and other relaxation techniques might help. Breathing exercises are useful too!
So my EMT encounter happened last christmas when we were in Wichita. My tot had a febrile seizure and I panicked and called 911! When they arrived, tot was already fine. The EMT was very professional, helpful and reassuring!

mrsmomx6 said...

Well....I'm glad you're tests are all good, but I totally get it, you want to know whassup once and for all.

Maybe I'll try that 90 day challenge with you. I started P90X 2 weeks ago, but a shake diet sounds a lot better than these boring pizza's and cookies I've been eating!

Luv ya lots
Sharon at voiceBoks

Kimmer said...

If I can stick with this, you can stick with this! You have so many people supporting you and Im right next to you doing it too! Together we will win this challenge and be even more smoking hot for the next Installation Dinner! If you have any questions give me a holla. As I get more shake recipes I'll pass them on :-)

Spanish Pinay said...

glad your back to doin' what you love doin' :)

Spanish Pinay

Kirsten said...

Sharon - let's go women .. get your 90 day challenge a start ;) I am here waiting for you !! (Tap Tap Tap Tap .. lol )

Kimmer - Thank you .. I am ready to roll .. just had my morning/breakfast shake

Thank you everyone for the comments ... I am doing well .. I do still have my issues.. but there is not much else I think they can do ! :)

alissa4illustration said...

It's good your tests came back normal. But I'm with you! I like answers.

My oldest had a staph infection when he was 7 months. Doctors did not know what he had. Nor did they know why the antibiotics weren't working.

My youngest had meningitis when he was 2 months. No bacteria would grow in the samples, but all other indications lead to it being bacterial and not viral.

It was so frustrating to not have answers!

I'm following you from:

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