Saturday, June 25, 2011

She Did It !!!!!!

It started with a long journey that began on October 3rd, 1993. She came into my world at 9lbs 15oz and 21 1/2 long. pouting at first then starting crying .... she was a beautiful baby girl. A couple of a days later I got to bring her home with me. I was 18 and had NO clue how to take care of a baby.. But I figured hey .. if I can take care of my dolls.... what is the different ? ( lol never thought about the feeding, the changing, the money spending, the crying in the middle of the night ) but I got it !!! Sure enough I did!!! I took her to a pregnancy program with me for teenagers who were pregnant or have children though are unable to finish high school they come to a program where we not only learn our general studies, we also learn how to be a mom. I have to say with great pride ... I was always complimented on how well dressed Jordan was, how she was fed before she got there and her diaper was clean as well! Just because I was 18 ... it never gave me the excuse to  not be able to take care of her. She is mine, and she was my responsibility to make sure she gets through life with me right by her side.... and sure enough I did!! All the fights of getting her to do her homework, or the mornings she did not want to go to school because the kids were picking on her... or the times when we moved so many damn times that she never truly was able to establish a life that she truly needed.. Though with all the schools she has been there was one friend came from an elem. school in our old area on long island. two others came from a school in VA who she still is very close friends with to this day ... and in fact one is here with us celebrating Jordans graduation. Now finally .. Jordan has gained all the friends she needs and has a lot of associates. She is just fine with it. She is a strong women just like her mommy. She may never have had the chance to own her own home ... to grow up in a house that is her own. But I also did my best to make sure she at least she had her own space ... and if that required me to sleep in the living room... then that is what I had to do !!! I gave up my life for her and I have never regretted one bit of it. She is now heading to college in August .. But she is not quit ready to leave home ( thank god ) so she is going to continue to stay with me .. because I would miss her terrible if she was not. She is my best friend .... and I know she feels the same way as I do!! She won the Long Island Blood drive scholarship award, as well as won an Academic Achievement Award for Business and Finance.

So with great pride I will introduce to you my pride and joy, my life, my strength and believe it or support!!!!!

Jordan Ashley ---------------------------------------------------------->
Jordan will be attending a community college for two years till she decides what she wants to be when she grows up ;) lol plus she does not think she is ready to move away. (That's my girl)

Jordan had gone to her prom the other night, I had picked her up at 11 .. expecting her to say something about wanting to go out.. in stead I heard her tell me "I do not know how those kids can go out after this, I am tired I am going to bed" .... LOL What an old teenager I have! She is just like her mom... sleep is the most important part of the day!!! ( NO matter what )

Now with me being an EMT and my boyfriend being a Paramedic, it was only right to have her get into the ambulance and allow us to take a pic of her laying on the stretcher .... lol
 She fought me for a few minutes because she did not want to do it, but guess what mommy always wins the battles.... with some help from the crew!! :)

So that is my baby ... school is over .. graduation is here.... now its time for the real world ... and going to college is one of the best choices she could have ever made in her life!!!

And I have to say this: I was 18 when I had her...... I am now 36, I have been through a lot .....not knowing where I was, what I was doing and how was I suppose to go about doing it. She took all those journey's with me.... something a young child should not have done.... But spite all that we have been through I must have done something right to have a strong independent young lady with a good strong head on her shoulders and graduated with A and B grades ( Even though I gave up on seeing her do her homework.. she did it )

She made it !!! My baby girl Made it .... I got her through this ... and we worked together!!!! I love you sweetheart .. Mommy will always be here for you !!!! xoxoxoxox


Columba Lisa said...

You rock! What an awesome job you did with your beautiful daughter!
I'm visiting from VoiceBoks, although I was already following your wonderful blog. I was so happy to hear that the young man you had asked for prayers for (bad burns) is fighting on towards recovery. I felt so bad for him and his family.
God bless,

Spilled Milkshake said...

You did an amazing job with her - she is beautiful! Tell her congratulations on the Long Island Blood Drive scholarship award and the Academic Achievement Award for Business and Finance!!! Way to go!!

I had my oldest when I was 16 and your story brought back a lot of memories (and I think has inspired a post lol). I've been there, done that too. Thank you for sharing!


P.S. Visiting from voiceBoks!

Nikki said...

Congratulations to Jordan!! She's beautiful!

Kathy said...

Congratulations to the both of you!!! How exciting!!! My sister did the two year plan at Suffolk then went to Hartford College in Conn. I think it is a great plan, I always tell my son what a smart idea it is. I'm so glad for the VoiceBoks weekend catch up becuase I'm getting to visit so many sites I did not have time to visit in the crazy last week of school haze!! Enjoy!! (I loved your post for today, I tend to blog at night too and then I want to scream at myself!! Lol!)

jbplbarbara said...

You must be one proud mamma. Congrats!!! Life is a journey indeed. Visiting from voiceBoks.

Small Kucing said...

you did a great job. She is all grown up now. Congratulations!


Kirsten said...

Thank you all so much ! She is my pride and joy !!! I had a rough life but she always made it better !!! :)

And wow I should NEVER type a blog again when I am half asleep!! LOL

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