Sunday, April 1, 2012

Calling 9-1-1 on your self is just not the same

That's right the title is correct, I called 9-1-1 on my self 8am Thursday morning, hey why not.. they were not busy so I figure I would give them a little bit excitement and I sure did :)

I was walking into my car to get to work and I rolled my ankle into a hole, though I heard a loud pop, not knowing what I had done, either just broke my ankle or seriously sprained it. I was in a great deal of pain, all I did was cry like a big 37 year old baby!!! I even had gone as far as calling my kids and telling them to come down stairs and help me that I think I may have broke my ankle ! After about a half an hour of calming down and thinking, I had to call my job, safe lite auto class to cancel my apt with them (LOL), and I had to call my stepfather to pick up my kids and make sure they got ready for school. Once the ambulance decided to arrive, the minute they saw me it was jokes all the way ..... Photos were taken, jokes were being given, and love was being shown... and that is just how I look at it. I would have never asked for a better grew to help me. I knew I was in good hands, specially seeing that one of them was in my EMT class with me. Though not to mention I was very embarrassed to be perfectly honest with you. (SMH ... shaking my head ) It does not feel all that great to be the one on the stretcher when techniquealy I am the one who is sitting beside the stretcher. LOL.  Needless to say, and spite all the jokes I got to the hospital safe and secure.

The hospital did some x-ray's and it came back clean. Though I did sprain my ankle and now have a 2nd degree sprain, Never realized how much a sprain can hurt.. it's torn ligaments.. its not a joke. They hurt worse then when you break your ankle. Which I have had the experience of feeling in 2005, where I now have two pins in my other ankle.

Well needless to say, My foot needs to be resting, ice packs galore, lots of Motrin, and out of work for a week. That alone sounds wonderful, but when you don't have a ton of benefit time any more, that alone just sucks !!! So I will be going back to work this week, and taking back my two day's vacation time from Easter spring to work and avoid losing any more hours. Or we won't be going away in July to Hershey Park.

So .. Yup calling 911 on your self, who is suppose to be 911 was an experience I will never forget !!


Small Kucing said...

hope your ankle get better soon.

Kirsten said...

Thank you .. I just stepped on it wrong this morning now it hurts even more... Darn it .. grrr ! lol

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