Sunday, April 22, 2012

My weekend with my love ............

I had a wonderful weekend with Amit.... him and I went to Conn. just like we did last year. It's just so pleasant to be able to get away for a night and just enjoy each others' company with out having to worry about kids and any other thing that may be going on around us... we really did no do much this time around but walk around at "Old Mistick Villiage" ( how is was spelled too ) in Mystic. It's right next to Mystic Seaport.... adorable little shops. It rained a lot today when we were there.. but we needed it..with all the forest fires that are happening here by me if we did not get that rain I would not know what to do. Anyways.. here I would like to share with you my photo's ...

Greenport, NY 

As we started our small journey to Conn. we stopped along the way, one of our stop's was Greenport, NY. - A beautiful old town about 15 minute away from my town. This is what the patients at the hospital see out their rooms. 
Greenport, NY  
This photo was taken off of the helicopter Pad at the Hospital. 

...  and we are off !


This photo was taken by me for my youngest who wanted me to make sure I had every life preserver to man in case the boat sank.... lol I had to re insure her.

A restaurant called 99 in Conn .... it was OK

Amit's dinner... boy that sauced must have had some garlic or something because his breath stink after this... HA HA HA !!!!! :) 

My drink... Yes MY DRINK.. it was there.... it for sure was NOT what I expected. It also burned my throat.. LOL 

" Old Mistick Villiage" at Mystic ..... beautiful little shops all in a row.. I loved this place. I go here every year. It rained so bad, but it did not stop me.

**If you click on the link -- Old Mistick Villiage -- you can check it out yourself**

Seating in the gazebo as it pored "cats and dogs" ( there is a store by that name too there ) 
then as we sat there, we started taking silly pics of our selves....

US .... well ME .. he he he he 

We had a few visitor's with us .... the rain did not seem to bother them at all 

.... then after our weekend and journey through the village it was time to head back home in the poring rain and rough sea's.

... and as we were on the boat for an hour and a half we or should I say I decided to take pics again of us... I was determined to get at least one good photo of us together.... 

... Nope that was not going to work ... 

Geeezzz neither was this one ...... 

... or this one ...... 

 But I did get this one .....

and finally this one ... :)

well that was it ... and little weekend together.... family weekend time will be in July, can not wait for that either... we are heading to Hearshey park :)


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