Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Woman who claims winning Mega Millions ticket refuses to produce it

 As I sat late last Thursday night I prayed that I would be the winner of the mega millions... I even had my kids all excited ( granted I did tell them I was not going to win ) my youngest asked for a horse, it felt really good that I was able to tell her "sure (knowing it was not going to happen any ways ) I can buy you a horse, though I would also have to get you lesson's to in order to be able to ride the horse. " As much as I knew I was not going to be the winner, It was fun pretending.. because I know if I actually was one of those millions of people who had the winning ticket, I would have had no problems buying my daughter a horse.

Though what I don't get is why the three winners have not come forward yet, and the one of the three that did... she won't even produce the winning ticket.... weird. So I decided to share the story with you all ... please click on the below link.

Now I am going to go back to dreaming.... LOL

Woman who claims winning Mega Millions ticket refuses to produce it


Small Kucing said...

weird...coz i read in one blog , a supermodel claimed that she had won the lottery ..

My guess is both o them didnt actually win. Just claiming to have won just to get attention.

Kirsten said...

Three people won but those three people have not come through, the one that I blogged about is not even showing the ticket (makes you wonder) the one you are talking about I have not heard about.. But yes my guess is they did not win a dime. Some people are just crazy and love the spot light and will do anything to get into it.

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